A day of Awakening with the Angels and Masters

-Journey to the Inner Temple of your Soul

Day/Time: Saturday, March 5th, 10am-5pm

Cost: $111  

Location:  At Ron Holman Group  in Northridge CA 

Gate Code #5678

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Inspired by our recent “Resurrection Retreat” to Egypt, we were given a series of downloads, messages, and information from the Gods, Goddeses and Masters to share with you!  Each temple we entered was so ALIVE, and we were gifted with visions of our Past Lives there, and through meditation, chanting and ceremony awakened to the next step on our journey together as a collective!  SO, We are going to help awaken you from within as we take you on a journey through these temples to align you with the song and dance of your soul.

In this workshop we will:

  • Connect with the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters, and Gods/Goddesses of Egypt including Archangels Michael, Raphael, Metatron and Haniel, Jesus the Christ, Mary Magdalene, Isis, Hathor, Thoth, Horace, and Sekhmet, Master Hilarion, Commander Ashtar, Babaji, and Papa Bogar
  • Return to Atlantis and Ancient Egypt to remember the magic, the wisdom, the grace, and the illumination that we can activate in our cells and and energy fields
  • Hold special deep meditations to Open up the keys to your Inner Temple where your intuitive gifts are revealed to you by your Guardian Angel/Master(s)
  • Be Anointed with Plasma to balance your 12 chakra system and unlock the doors to your soul
  • Use Egyptian Healing rods to feel the power of Unconditional Love
  • Be attuned to a sacred symbol and learn how to use this symbol for self healing and healing for others
  • Incorporate Navapashanam (Holy blessed Water) with meditation and healing to activate the 12 Strand DNA and aid in the process of Manifestation! (everyone will receive the blessed water)
  • Experience a Rebirth and align with your soul purpose to awaken to why you are here so you can move forward according to the Divine Plan

The class will combine everything from channeled messages, healing techniques and wisdom from the Angelic Soul Star Council, to Kundalini Yoga breathing meditations (Pranayama), and mantras (sound healing) to movement, chakra opening and deepening, AND becoming part of the Angelic Soul Star Galactic Grid that surrounds this planet activating and attuning your 12 Strand DNA to live the life you came here to live!

Join us!

Personal Readings and healing Sessions by Billy and Tina are available by setting an appointment. Contact Tina at www.tinamarie444.com.  Or, tinamarie444@gmail.com

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